Dogwood Dances – Resumes September 6

Hello Dogwood Dancers!

Dances at Dogwood resume this Thursday, September 6. Finally! Let the dancing begin!

We are unable to DJ during the month of September but Jim has lined up DJs for you:

Sep 6 – Rolly
Sep 13 – Mike
Sep 20 – Rolly
Sep 27 – Rolly
Oct 4 – Winston & Nadine

A few updates from Jim:
  • As announced in July, a set of officers need to be elected for our group. The officers will be responsible for setting policies, organizing and running the dances.
  • Elections for the officers will be held on Thursday, September 13 at 8:15pm, not September 20 as was originally planned.
  • Only members of the Dogwood Pavilion will be allowed to vote. Everyone is encouraged to register for an annual pass (a membership) prior to the September 13 vote. You can register at the front desk at Dogwood and you can find details here: Dogwood Pavilion Annual Pass

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